My first experience for snowmobiles was ten years old by towing logs at my grandparents farm. Already back then I dreamed about riding up and down at forest hills. This did not work because the lack of power at the engine.

I saw first snowboarding photos on early 80´s and I decided to built one myself by softening a piece of veneer at the 100 year old sauna. The ride from old barn roof under the northern lights at the sky was unforgettable.

With factory manufactured snowboard my professional career started from European championships in 1986. After multiple national tittles and top ten result at the world championships it was time in 1999 for new chapter in my saga.

After racing I did heli-skiing in North America and Scandinavia for several years. I also started to educate myself to understand the science behind the snowflakes?

Today snowmobiles have developed and people can reach places that were not possible decade ago. This have created new group of users at the mountain regions and raise risk for human triggered avalanches.

Part of the new backcountry users have not enough experience from mountains or snow safety. The lack of education makes people to take unnecessary risks.

I appreciate life and the unique opportunities it gives. I have also witness the fragility and tragedy when things go wrong. Therefore continuing training and education is mandatory.

I am specialised for motorised snow safety and usage of the snowmobile in search and rescue situation at avalanche areas.

I also organise guided snowmobile adventures at exotic locations in Finland, Sweden, Chile, Lebanon, Turkey and Russia.

Values experiencing the nature are responsibility and reasonability together with respect towards animals and local inhabitants.

There is a career in more formal business behind me but the calls of the mountains have never fainted that is why I have chosen this lifestyle.


Name: Wille Rajala
From: Rovaniemi, Finland
Riding Since: 1979

• AIARE Pro avalanche instructor

• Riding technique instructor for mountain environment

• Specialised for motorised SAR operations in avalanche areas.

• Organise snowmobile adventures in Finland, Sweden, Chile, Lebanon, Turkey and Russia.

• Collaboration with legendary Bret “professor” Rasmussen for multiple years.


  • Multiple national championships in snowboarding 1984-2000

  • Snowboard world-cup professional for 15 years

  • Successful and awarded career as entrepreneur