Professional guide services

I offer professional guide services for individuals, groups, companies and authorities. The guiding can be just an relaxed day out with no need to worry for right direction, weather changes or snow safety. Guiding can also be exploring the new areas where the lead and tail is secured by professional guides. Guide services always include plan advance, return information and naturally electronic and digital maps. This service can be booked as private or joined groups.

Riding technique training

I provide technical training from beginners to advanced riders. Technical training can be the first touch for deep snow turning technique or fine tuning for different manoeuvres at the mountains where change of the direction or an need of U turn comes suddenly ahead. The precise control in every situation is a must for safe activities in the backcountry. I offer technical training as private lessons as well as group training.

Trouble shooting

I offer trouble shooting lessons for private persons and authorities. Many times coincident can be avoid with proper preparation before the ride and by learning how to get away of unpleasant situation. The preparations of the riders are as important as the preparations of the machines and equipments. Advance training for common technical issues as well avoiding of the usual reasons for getting stuck can not only make riding days easier but at the end they can save lives.

Rider position changes

The variety of the machines is not as wide as the range of different type of torsos of the riders. The industry standard is not always the perfect match for all heights and sizes. The correct setup individually in riding position and corrections of the usually  wrong set steering bar gives huge advantages to start learning faster and more effective. Ideally the correct rider position saves energy and power from the rider and days can continue longer.

Avalanche awareness

I am educated and trained avalanche guide with all needed equipments in use to teach about snow safety and avalanche awareness. Snow safety is needed in all areas of riding as lot of new users found the sport without much knowledge in the past from winter conditions, mountains and the dangers of the nature. The riding at the Avalanche danger areas need not only extra attention and training but also right equipments to survive and/or save other people lives. I offer teaching for private people as well for authorities.

Location search

I offer location search for magazines, film crews and photographers, not only by finding amazing places to capture the beauty of the nature but I also provide guiding work to secure the whole crew on work at the mountains.

Custom build snowmobiles

I provide customised snowmobiles for sale or parts/work to visit your place building. I use industry´s best parts and most precise materials like titanium and carbon fiber on my creations. I can built your dream sled and send it basically all over the globe.

Services for movie industry

I am professional snowmobile rider with background as professional snowboarder. I am used to work with photographers and film producers and capable to collaborate with other moving obstacles like cars, skiers, boarders, snowmobiles etc. I have participated automobile industry commercials.

Clinics at the stores/companies

I am offering also clinics on stores and companies where the topics can be from technical mountain riding to snow safety or hosting an ceremony. I am experienced talker and used to be front of the crowds.