General Terms
of Services

Following industry standards, you will be asked to review and agree to an exclusion of this General Terms of Services (hereinafter General Terms of Services) and you will also be required to sign this General Terms of Services in any of the location services is provided with one of our employees as a witness.

These terms and conditions apply to all activities offered and delivered by the Master of Turns, referred to as "Organizer" of the snowmobile experience, and the customer, referred to as "Participant" or "Participants". Please familiarize yourself with the clauses below.

1. General Terms of Services


Snowmobiling refers to all activities, services, and use of facilities provided or arranged by the Organizer including, but not limited to: skills and snow safety teaching sessions, recreational activities undertaken on the trip, travel by snowmobile including backcountry, roads, and trails within or beyond designated boundaries.


Upon acceptance of a booking request, the participant will receive a confirmation email containing essential trip details. The booking is considered confirmed once payment is received in full.


A more detailed schedule will be announced to the participants closer to the time, at the point when the entire group's travel details have been agreed upon by the Participants in the WhatsApp group.

Payment Terms

Full payment is required to secure a booking. Accepted payment methods and due dates will be specified in the booking confirmation. Failure to make the payment by the due date may result in the cancellation of the booking.

Cancellation Policy

Participants may cancel their booking with the following refund schedule:

  • More than 60 days before the first day of the trip: 50% refund
  • Less than 60 days before the first day of the trip: no refund

Changes to the Service

The Organizer reserves the right to modify services, including itineraries, locations, and equipment, if deemed necessary. Participants will be notified of any changes in a timely manner.

Force Majeure

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel a trip and is not liable for any failure or delay in the delivery of services caused by circumstances beyond reasonable control, such as natural disasters, government restrictions, wars, pandemics, or other unforeseen emergencies. In the event of force majeure, the Organizer will make reasonable efforts to offer alternative arrangements or reschedule services for another time interval or another destination. If delivering the services becomes impossible due to force majeure, participants may be entitled to a refund for the affected services, excluding the 500 EUR booking fee and any other costs incurred by the Organizer.

Participant Cancellation

Participants facing sudden health issues or emergencies may be eligible for a refund or may reschedule their trip, subject to the Organizer's discretion.

Unused Services

No refunds will be provided for unused portions of the trip or services voluntarily skipped by the Participant.

Travel Insurance

The Participant shall purchase comprehensive travel insurance covering winter sports, snowmobile riding, off-piste skiing, wilderness activities, trip cancellations, health emergencies, and other unforeseen events.

Liability Release

The Participant is required to sign Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement (Liability Waiver) releasing the Organizer and its affiliates and employees and subcontractors from liability for injuries, damages, or losses incurred during the trip.

The following terms of service apply for the customer, hereinafter referred to as the Participant. Please read the terms carefully.

2. Participant Terms of Services

Agreeing to the Terms

The Participant must read and sign the General Terms of Services and the Liability Waiver as part of these terms. Signing and submitting the declaration to the Organizer is a prerequisite for participating in the snowmobile trip.

Assumption of Risks

The Participant is aware that snowmobiling involves inherent risks and dangers, including but not limited to changes in weather conditions, icy surfaces, terrain variations, avalanches, encounters with wild and domestic animals, the risk of contracting infectious disease, or collisions or impact with other participants, objects, or other persons, and accidents due to negligence. The Participant voluntarily assumes all such risks involving themselves or any third party, and releases the Organizer of liability.


The Participant must have a valid passport and a copy of the travel insurance certificate and a valid accident insurance. The Organizer does not have insurance coverage for the Participant.

Attending Training

The Participant agrees to attend the mandatory snowmobile riding and snow safety training and instructions provided by the Organizer.

Health and Safety

The Participant must complete a Health Questionnaire and disclose to the Organizer any health issues or recent procedures that may be adversely affected by riding a snowmobile and participating in the trip. During the trip, the Participant must also notify the Organizer of any changes in their health that may affect the Participant’s ability to continue the trip without endangering their health.

Following Instructions

The Participant agrees to follow the oral or written instructions given by the Organizer and the tour guide or other representatives of the tour operator during the trip. The Participant understands that failure to do so may put their own life and the lives of other participants at risk.

Equipment Use

The Participant must use the provided equipment responsibly and in accordance with the Organizer’s instructions. Any damage to equipment due to negligence or misuse may result in additional charges to the Participant.

Code of Conduct

The Participant is expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes a safe, respectful, and enjoyable experience for all involved. This includes following the instructions of guides, respecting natural environments, and treating fellow participants and staff with courtesy.

Compliance with Laws

Participants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations during the trip, including traffic rules, environmental protection laws, and any specific regulations related to snowmobiling.

Alcohol and Substance Use

The consumption of alcohol or any controlled substances that may impair judgment is strictly prohibited during snowmobile excursions. Participants found in violation may be removed from the trip without a refund.


Participants are expected to maintain open communication with the Organizer, other guides, and fellow participants. Any concerns, emergencies, or incidents should be promptly reported to trip leaders for appropriate action.

Substitution of Participants

Participants unable to attend the trip may propose a substitute participant. The Organizer reserves the right to approve or deny substitutions based on eligibility criteria.

3. Organizer Terms of Service

Services and prices

The Organizer agrees to provide snowmobile group trips as described in the offered packages. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary, activities, or other aspects of the service, with the commitment to provide a comparable experience and give participants due notice about the changes.

Participant Eligibility

The Organizer requires Participants to complete a Health Questionnaire Form for determining participant eligibility. In cases where participants do not meet eligibility requirements, the Organizer reserves the right to deny participation and may offer alternative arrangements or a refund.

Health and Safety Standards

The Organizer commits to maintaining high health and safety standards for all participants. This includes providing necessary guidance, safety equipment, and qualified personnel.

Code of Conduct Enforcement

The Organizer has the authority to enforce a code of conduct for participants during the trip. This includes ensuring compliance with safety guidelines, respectful behaviour, and adherence to the provided instructions. The Organizer reserves the right to deny services to any Participant who violates the Code of Conduct.

Equipment Maintenance

The Organizer is responsible for maintaining snowmobile equipment in good working condition. Any issues with equipment functionality will be promptly addressed.

Liability and Waiver

The Organizer requires participants to sign Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement (Liability Waiver) acknowledging the inherent risks associated with snowmobiling activities. The waiver includes an assumption of risk and a covenant not to sue. The Organizer and its affiliates and employees and subcontractors are released from liability for injuries, damages, or losses incurred during the trip.

I understand that failure to comply with these terms may result in my removal from the trip without a refund. I have read and agreed this General Terms of Services.

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