The Explorer’s
Packing List

Nice work! Now that you’re all booked for your Master of Turns snowmobile experience and signed and returned the Personal Health Questionnaire and the Liability Waiver, take some time to review your packing checklist and make sure you’re ready to go. You can print this list to cross off all items as you go.

Checklist before you go

  • Book your travel and personal insurance
  • Check visa requirements and passport validity
  • Forward us your flight details
  • Inform us about meal preferences
  • Review the Terms of Service and Liability Waiver

What to bring

  • Two pairs of goggles and gloves, preferably with lenses for cloudy and sunny weather
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal riding equipment, protective equipment, shoes, helmets. Equipment may also be available for purchase on-site
  • Waterproof backpack with enough space to hold drinks, snacks, spare clothes, gloves, glasses, etc. for the day. Keep in mind that if we spend the night off-site, all your equipment must fit in your backpack
  • Toothbrush and clothes for exploring the town, indoor slippers
  • Plug adaptors, camera, any medications

Meals usually always contain meat. Please let us know if you require a vegetarian diet so we can make arrangements in time.

For your safety and everyone else’s, ensure that you are in a suitable and responsible condition for snowmobiling in the morning. 

Remember that you are responsible for your health and any damage to the fleet. The organiser may not provide insurance for the equipment or fleet. Any damage to the fleet may be paid for individually, according to the damage.

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Packing list
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