Welcome to paradise. Comfortably tucked between Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is our go-to destination during the winter season in Northern Europe and a place where opposites thrive. From luxurious beaches, historic buildings, tantalizing flavors, and spectacular mountains, this exotic travel spot has it all.


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Snowy slopes of Lebanon


January - February

Sun, sand, and snowmobiles

Picture this: you wake up in the morning to go for a leisurely swim in the Mediterranean Sea. You dry yourself off under the palm trees, doze off for a bit, and maybe even catch a tan. Then, by the afternoon you’re zipping through spectacular landscapes at over 2,000m altitude, in pristine snow.

It may sound like a dream, but all of this is possible in Beirut. With beautiful beaches at your footstep and imposing, snowy mountains only a 45-minute drive from the city, Lebanon is the ultimate playground for explorers. If you like to pack a lot of adventure into a trip and don’t want to choose between sun-loungers or snowmobiles, this is the place to go.

Mount Lebanon,
home of explorers

Former home of mystics and hermits, Mount Lebanon has always appealed to visionaries and those seeking meaning beyond themselves. Its majestic mountains stretch parallel to the coast and receive up to 9m of snowfall. This makes it an ideal playground for both experienced and new riders who crave the feeling of zipping through breathtaking landscapes.

And when all engines are off, you’ll get to experience some of the mystery those early seekers also found here. Enveloped in complete stillness and silence, you might meet parts of yourself you had long forgotten. New ideas can pierce the mind. Anything is possible.

Due to its geographic positioning, Svalbard experiences periods of complete darkness during winter and prolonged light in summer. From April to mid-August, the sun stays up, coloring the vast landscape in reddish-yellow tones. The midnight sun bathes everything in a golden glow that makes the landscape even more dramatic and makes it possible to explore at night.

The weather is also mild, compared to other places at similar altitudes in Russia or Canada. Temperatures range from 4 to 10°C in summer, all the way down to −13°C in the peak of winter.

Snowy slopes of Lebanon in blue tone

Glamour and glorious food

Our state-of-the-art snowmobiles are the ideal way to witness nature in its purest expression. On land, you might spot rare wildlife like polar bears, reindeers, arctic foxes, and a wide range of seabirds. Coming down from the mountains, you might see whales, dolphins, seals, and walruses that roam the ocean, making their sightings worth the journey.

To balance things off, you’ll get to cozy up in luxurious hotels and cabins after our rides. Delicious local food abounds in Svalbard with local delicacies like reindeer jerky, smoked whale, or the local gamebird ptarmigan–impossible to find outside the island. And for a special dining experience, a stop at the famous restaurant Huset puts an extravagant spin on traditional food.

When it comes to food, Beirut is an intriguing melting pot of Western and Arabic cultures. You are truly spoiled for choice: an abundance of small dishes, international cuisine, fresh-caught fish cooked in dazzling spice mixes, and hip Armenian eateries are dotted all around the city and beyond.

Coming down from the mountains, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the city’s glamorous architecture and wander through spectacular ruins dating back to Roman times. In the evening, you can catch your breath and watch the sun go down from one of Beirut’s buzzing rooftop bars–after all, you’re in the liveliest, most vibrant city in the Mediterranean, so the nightlife is a must.

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